Who is eligible for the plan?

Individuals, spouses and dependent children up to the age of 23 as long as the child is enrolled in school. Children over the age of 18 with developmental disorders are also eligible for the plan. Children under the age of 18 are only eligible to participate as dependent of an adult registered on a plan. Individuals 18 years and older that are not enrolled in school must purchase their own individual plan.

Individuals who may be included on this plan:

1) Your lawful spouse, age 18 or older including common law spouse, domestic partner or civil union partner. 2) Your legal dependents out to the age of 18 if they are not in school and up to the age of 23 if enrolled in school full time. Eligible children are natural children, stepchildren, those under court ­order guardianship, adopted children and foster children. A son or daughter of a subscriber’s domestic partner or civil union partnership, including a legally adopted individual or an individual who is lawfully placed with the subscriber’s domestic partner for legal adoption, or a child for whom the subscriber’s domestic partner has established parental responsibility.

Coverage for a new spouse.
If you marry, coverage begins the first of the month following the date of the marriage and application for coverage.

Adding or removing dependents.
Any person you want to cover under this policy has to apply to be added to this policy as a covered dependent. When the applicant is accepted the covered dependent will be added on the next anniversary date of your effective date and you will be billed at that time.

Membership will start on the first of the month. Membership must be maintained for 12 months and cannot be cancelled prior to the anniversary date of the effective date of the plan.

Plan Agreement

Members can not have any other dental coverage. The discounts associated with this membership plan are only valid at the office registered. This is not dental insurance.

$247.00 initial sign up fee for any plan

Silver Plan: ­Waiting period 6 months for major services $39.95/month. Benefits are limited to $1250.00 per each covered family member per year.

Gold Plan: Waiting period of 3 months $49.95/month (family plan $109.95/month covers two adults in a household and one child. Second child add an additional $19.95/month) Benefits are limited to $1750.00 per each covered family member per year.

Platinum Plan: ­No waiting period $69.95/month. (family plan $129.95/month covers two adults in a household and one child. Second child add an additional $10.00/month) Benefits are limited to $2500.00 per each covered family member per year.

These plans are non-­refundable and non­-transferable.

Plan is subject to change yearly.

This plan cannot be combined with any other offers.

If you choose to extend your payments for treatment through an outside financing company, i.e. Care Credit, the restorative treatment discount is reduced to 10% due to merchant fees.

Members may cancel their membership within 30 days if they have not received any discounts associated with the plan. If any discounts were granted to the member within the first 30 day period of membership the member must fulfill their 12 month agreement to maintain the plan. Written notice must be given to cancel the plan within 30 days. Written notice must include all names of participants that would like to cancel, membership level, participating office phone number and mailing address. With the exception of the cancellation policy listed above this plan is NON­REFUNDABLE. No refunds or premiums will be issued at any time after the thirty day grace period if the participant decides not to utilize the plan.

Cancelled appointments without 1 business day notice will be charged $50/hour of your scheduled appointment time.

Benefits must be used within a 12 month period. 2 cleanings (in the absence of periodontal disease), exam and radiographs.

All payments are paid directly by you to the treating office and due at the time of service to receive the discount. Any service/services received that are not paid for at the time of service will be billed at the usual and customary fee.

Membership must be continuous. Processing fees are not refundable. The membership will automatically renew on the anniversary date for another twelve month term unless notified in writing prior to said date to discontinue the membership.