What is the Elm Savings Plan?

Patients with or without insurance are always looking for a better deal on their dental care. Why not provide it for the with a self sustained, done for you software that is customized to your practice. Your patients sign up for your practices savings plan which will retain them in your office and not the competition. Your staff does not have to figure out who signed up for what plan and which discount needs to be applied. This is all integrated into the system. The staff just has to do a patient search in the software and all the information is right there for them. All information is housed under one dashboard so the staff will know who is signed up for the Plans, what Plans your patients are opted in on, if they are up to date with their payments and waiting periods.  All this information is presented to your staff with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

SET IT AND FORGET IT. Everything is done for you.  Once you sign up for the plan and set up your discounts in the system the software is ready to make a passive income stream for your practice.  We will collect all the payments on your behalf and then send you a check on a monthly basis for everyone enrolled under your office plan. Three tiered plans for your patients to chose from.  The best part about our plans is that YOU set the fees, not the insurance company.

Tired of presenting a treatment plan and then the patient stating “I was thinking of getting insurance to cover this”. Now you can provide your own savings plan and not have to have them wait on getting “insurance to cover the treatment”.


What comes with the plan?

  • Custom website to promote your office savings plan that is branded with your logo.
  • No paperwork to fill out for you or your patients. Everything is online.
  • Credit card processing is done for you. You do not have to manage if patients are up to date with their payments.  This will all be shown on your dashboard and alert you that their account is delinquent.  If they are delinquent then they automatically get placed back on your offices full fee schedule until their account is in good standing..
  • Can start using it immediately after it has gone live.
  • Gives you a way to compete with the corporate offices that are currently providing a savings plan to capture your patients.
  • You are able to chose the discounts available to your patients and you are able to set your own fees.

How would you like to be paid in advance for your hygiene services? 

These plans are structured in a way that the patient will be paying in advance for two hygiene visits with one series of bitewing radiographs and an exam within their initial enrolment fee*.  You are not giving away services with this plan. They must use their fee services within a 12 month period or the benefit is lost. This assures two outcomes: your hygiene schedule is going to be full for you to treatment plan and present or your have collected for services the patient has chosen not to take advantage of after prepayment has been made.

These plans are for a minimum of 12 months and they have an auto-renew feature built into the system.  This produces a passive income stream for your practice through the collection of a monthly membership fee.
*Standard UCR fees for D0120, D0210 and D1110